Ile-Ife History

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The history has been passed from generation to generation that might be dated back to 600BC that Ile-Ife is the source from where all the human race expanded to all over the world.
In according to the myth, the Supreme God ordered Obatala to create the earth but on his way found palm wine which he drank but got intoxicated. The younger brother, named Oduduwa took the three items of creation from Obatala, climbed down from the heavens on a chain and threw a handful of earth on the primordial ocean, then put a cockerel on it so that it would scatter the earth. That became the land on which the world would be built. Oduduwa then planted a palm nut in the newly formed land. On the account of the creation of the world, Oduduwa became the ancestor of the first divine king of the Yoruba, while Obatala is believed to have created the first humans out of the clay. The expansion of humans from that first origin or creation is called “ife” and the origin is called the “Source”- which is commonly regarded as the cradle of not just the Yoruba but that of all humanity as well.
Ile Ife is an ancient Yoruba city in South-western Nigeria. Ife which is to mean the Expansion of the people or the name of the people while the Ile-Ife is the name of the city from where the human generation began.
Ile-Ife, the cradle of Yoruba, the spiritual seat of the Yoruba, where the dawn of the day was first experienced, the source, the head of the whole universe; the home of the divinities and the city of Ife is noted to be the gate to the Heaven.
The most universally accepted head of the Yorubas is Oduduwa and he is the ancestral father of any Ooni or the owner of the ile-ife –that is the owner of the land of ife that I sreign ing in Ile ife.
The Ooni of ife (The King of Ife) is the direct descent from Oduduwa and he is counted first among Yoruba kings.
The present ruler is Alayeluwa Oba Okunade Sijuwade, Olubuse II. The Ooni ascended his throne in 1980. He is regarded as the chief priest and custodian of the holy city of all the Yorubas.
Ile-Ife is can be found in the present Osun State, Western part of Nigeria. The ancient city is home to Obafemi Awolowo University, has a local television station called NTA Ife and is home to various businesses. It is also the trade center for a farming region where yams, cassava, grain, cocoa and tobacco are grown. Cotton which is also grown in Ile Ife is used to weave cloth.